FAQs - NFL Academy
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In this section you’ll find the answers to some commonly asked questions about what the NFL Academy is, how it operates and how you can get involved.

  • Who can attend the NFL Academy?

    Those aged 16 to 18 years old (on August 31st 2024) and eligible to study in the UK are able to apply.

    American football experience is not necessary, and the NFL Academy encourages applicants from a variety of sporting backgrounds. The NFL Academy is seeking student-athletes interested in developing their educational, athletic and character potential using American Football.

  • I’m from outside the UK. Can I attend the NFL Academy?

    Yes! We currently have many students from outside the UK that attend the NFL Academy. We can discuss individual circumstances during the application process.

  • What are the age requirements to join the NFL Academy?

    Those aged 16 to 18 years old (on August 31st 2024) and eligible to study in the UK are able to apply for the current recruitment process.

    We also welcome applications and expressions of interest from younger individuals so our coaches are aware of your interest for future recruitment

  • When can I apply?

    We are always on the look out for new players. To register your interest in applying, follow this link.

  • What information do I need to apply?

    The application will ask you for your personal information, your educational background and for links to athletic film.

  • What type of athletic film is best?

    When applying, American Football game film is preferred but not required. Any athletic tape that shows us your speed, athleticism, power / explosiveness and agility is useful for helping us learn about your abilities. The application also includes some tips for what we are looking for.

    American Football is open to all levels of abilities and body types.

  • Does the NFL Academy offer scholarships?

    The NFL Academy is open to all applicants, regardless of location, background or economic situation. If you’re interested in applying, please don’t let your financial situation prevent you from doing so. We will discuss individual situations privately and respectfully with each family when necessary. Some scholarships will be available, however for those who are unable to access scholarships there will be a cost to the programme.

  • When does the school year start?

    The NFL Academy follows the academic calendar of our educational partner, Loughborough College. The 2024/25 academic year will start in September 2024.

  • I’m not old enough to apply to the NFL Academy. How can I practice and play American Football?

    Please visit the NFL Flag website to sign up and receive information about flag football in your local area.

    Alternatively, take a look at Nike’s 11-Online for drills and insights directly from the best in the game.

    Although you may be too young to apply, still submit your film, so our Coaching Staff can see your talent. In the meantime you can continue to keep practicing your skills!

  • Do I need to have any American Football experience?

    No. Some of our current students have backgrounds in rugby, athletics, basketball and many other sports. We are really keen to hear from athletes from all different sports who might be interested in trying out for the NFL Academy.


  • Do I need good grades to get into the NFL Academy?

    Your education is the most important thing at the NFL Academy. All student-athletes have their grades reviewed to ensure they are eligible for the NFL Academy.

  • What is the NFL?

    The NFL is the number one professional sports league in the United States, eclipsing all other sports in terms of popularity and TV viewing figures. The league’s 32 teams compete to win the Super Bowl, the finale of the season, which attracts around 160 million viewers in the US alone.

  • When does the NFL season run?

    The NFL season kicks off in early September (with preseason games played during August). The playoffs run throughout January, with Super Bowl played in early February.